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The powerful Maltese passport - Ninth worldwide

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The Maltese passport is the ninth most powerful travelling document worldwide; as one can travel without the need of a visa to 150 countries.  Moreover, it is a reliable source for mobility.  This outstanding result for Malta has been established by an international study named Passport Index 2017 conducted by Passport Index which is the leading reference to global citizen around the world.  The relevance and importance of this study stems from the fact that Passport Index has the most comprehensive library of passport covers and visa date.  Furthermore, Passport Index is also a global reference for journalists and indeed all the media in general.  It constantly reports on topics associated with inter alia passport strength, visa waivers and global mobility.


Germany kept its first ranking position for the reason that German passport holders may enter into 157 countries without the need of acquiring a visa.


Since Malta’s introduction of the Individual Investor Programme, non-EU nationals who would like to acquire a Maltese passport, need to contribute €1.15 million either in cash, real estate and stocks or bonds under an obligatory one year residency clause.  The analysis also gives a separate rank for countries which have a cash for passport scheme.  In this respect, Malta’s Individual Investor Programme took top sport among eight countries including Cyprus and Bulgaria which offered the option, in several Caribbean destinations.


Up to June last year, the number of naturalizations through the IIP had already reached 177, which is roughly 10 per cent of the 1800 threshold.


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